Stoplight Party

Ever thought “I wonder if I’ll meet a new love interest at football this summer?” Yes, yes you have because you’re all thirsty.

The TUFF exec have your back. In the Stoplight Party’s grand return to the league, we’ll help solve all your thirst problems. At least for drinks and non-alcoholic beverages!

Red Cup = Taken, or simply not looking right now.
Yellow Cup = Non-traditionally available, let’s talk about it.
Green Cup = Traditionally looking, not committed to anyone.
Additional stickers for the cups will be available.

Churchmouse Knights Social – Stoplight Party

Stop Light Party hosted by the Churchmouse Knights!

A stop light party, traffic light ball or traffic light party is a party at which guests wear different colours indicating their relationship-seeking status.

Green: I’m single and ready to Mingle
Yellow: Sorry but its complicated
Red: UMM I Have a Boyfriend!

The Churchmouse Knights¬†are excited to host the league for a fun Sunday afternoon! We’ll have green/yellow/red cups ready for¬†everyone!