Kickoff Day

This is our Kickoff weekend, you’ll be home in time for dinner with mom. Come out and play with your team for the first time. See what this sport is all about, try different positions and just have fun!!

Kickoff Day Scrimmages

Come celebrate the start of the TGFL season!

The annual kickoff day is our first Sunday with the regular permit and we welcome everyone out to the field for some fun scrimmages!

This is before the teams are drafted and depending on attendance we’ll probably split the field up into 2 or 3 mini games.

New players will get a chance to get to know everyone and see what the league is like before playing in their first games.

Everyone is welcome. If you have a friend that is curious about the league, feel free to bring them along.

Food and drinks will follow afterwards at one of our sponsor locations (TBD)

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Make-up Combine

This is combine is to make up for the cancelled combine on April 30.

It will take place from 11:45am – 1:45pm and it will be followed by the Kickoff Party scrimmages from 2pm – 5pm.

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Combine #2

Assessment Combine #2

New players must attend 1 of the combines for skills assessment.

Returning players must have speed reassessed every 2 years.

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Woody’s Rhinos vs O’Grady’s Wolfhounds



Lodge Lumberjacks vs Woody’s Wildcats

3rd Place Game


Churchmouse Knights vs Blake House Brawlers

5th Place Game – Never played


Pegasus Stallions vs Fox & Fiddle Menace

7th Place Game – Never played


Woody’s Rhinos vs Woody’s Wildcats



O’Grady’s Wolfhounds vs Lodge Lumberjacks