I don’t know how to play flag football, can I still join?

Yes. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to play. Most of our rookies have never played organized football of any kind.

I don’t think I’m athletic enough to play football.

We have players of all athletic types, ages, and sizes. The great thing about football is there are a lot of roles, and we will find one for you.

Am I going to get tackled?

Tackling is illegal. In flag football, you remove a player’s flags to end a play. There will be some incidental physical contact during the games from all the fun you are having, but nothing like what you see in the NFL and CFL.

What is the cost?

2021 league membership cost is $100.

What’s included in the membership?

9 regular season games, 2-3 playoff games, drink and food specials at our sponsor bars, league socials every week and new friendships.

When do you play?

We play on Sunday afternoons between 12 and 5 (your weekly game lasts about 1.5 hrs) from May to September. We also may play on a Saturday in early September. Playoff weekend is in mid-September.

What equipment do I need?

A pair of football cleats and a positive attitude. Some players use football gloves. We’ll provide all the other equipment. We don’t allow shorts with pockets for safety reasons.

I don’t want to give up all my summer weekends.

Due to the shortened 2021 season, we are playing long weekends this year. Normally the league has designated byes for all summer long weekends and pride so you can still take a trip to the cabin or to New York and not miss a game. If you want to take some other weekend off – no pressure – your captain will find a replacement for that week.

I don’t have enough friends to make a team, can I still join.

Perfect, you’ll make tons of new friends in the TGFL. All players are added to the player pool at the start of the season and new teams are drafted each year by our captains to ensure competitive balance.

I want to be on the same team as my partner, sibling, best friend or crush.

Let us know. Most rookies are allowed to player-bond with someone they know so they end up on the same team as long as it doesn’t interfere with the competitive balance of the league.

I’m still not sure…

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for preseason scrimmages, register for one of our free combines before the season to see if this is up your alley, or send us an email if you have other questions.

Ok, I have other questions…

Contact info@torontogayfootball.com. No question is dumb.

Can I sign up now?

Registration for the 2021 season is currently wait list only.