Required Equipement:

  • Cleats/Athletic shoe
    • Cleats are better than shoes as they give you better traction on the slick turf field.
    • Rubberized cleats and screw-in cleats (require maintenance) are both acceptable.
  • Pocketless shorts (provided by the league at the start of the season)
    • This is a safety issue. We don’t allow players to play with pockets as player fingers might get trapped when attempting to deflag.
  • Flag football belt (this is provided by the league at each game).
  • Jersey (provided by the league at the start of the season).
    • Yours to keep, you are responsible for bringing it to each game.

Optional Equipment: 

Tall socks or athletic tights are often worn by players to avoid turf burn.

  • Turf burn is equivalent to a rug burn and happens occasionally if you slide on the turf field. The taller socks/tights help prevent this situation from happening.

Some players invest in receiver gloves (usually cost around $50).

  • It’s easier to catch footballs with receiver gloves but they are by no means required.

Some flag football players wear Mouthguards for additional protection.

  • Although flag football is not a full-contact sport, you can never be too safe!

Suggested retailers:

Players tend to buy cleats at  EastbaySportChek or  Marchants Sports Unlimited.

If you prefer to shop online all of this equipment can be purchased at